Today is the Day!

Writing is not hard for me, committing to something that I know will take me to the next level sometimes is very hard for me.  I’ve spent so much time committing myself to taking others to the next level, to the next step yet I was not moving! i.e. my goal to start blogging.

I need to share my knowledge on keeping sexy, loving, committed relationships. I love bringing awareness to the power that comes from having a great relationship. I knew it was good for my audience to receive it, yet I continued to think, to imagine, to keep in my head how it would look – on ‘this day’ (today) when I would finally take ‘this step’.

I woke up two weeks ago and saw myself blogging, I saw myself writing great material and my business booming. I remembered I had to insert pictures in my blog and really didn’t know where to get the images…. I said, “Maybe tomorrow” and went back to sleep. Sound familiar?
Today, I am taking that step and guess what?! The fear is much smaller than the effort needed to complete this goal.

What little thing do you need to do to move forward? For me, it’s my first blog. Not a hard thing, just a limiting thing. What are you limiting yourself to due to procrastination? What task are you allowing to keep you from moving forward? Don’t let something so small have such a strong hold on you. Success is waiting on us! Taking that small step gets you a bit closer to where you want to go, serving who you want to serve. That’s why we do what we do correct? Come on, join me – take a step!

I would love it if you would identify ‘one’ thing you know you can do today to move your business forward and do it ‘Today’. It could be as simple as picking out a color scheme, purchasing your domain name, sending out one speaking proposal, connecting with one person, going to that webinar or training, asking that one question, etc. I did it and I feel great.

Today, Naomi J. Hardy, Relationship Expert, Speaker created One blog post. One step towards my goal…Today!