Married Wrong Person?

There are ‘red flags’ that let us know we are married to or about to marry the wrong person.

One flag to take notice of is the person only wants to be around and know about you. They are not interested in your family, your friends, or their family.  You are all that matters.

At first this may seem flattering.

We all want attention and your love interest seems to pour it on you all the time.  In the background, this is a person who will pull you away from everything dear to you.  In the process, you are blinded by ‘love and much wanted attention’ and don’t realize your dependency and need for him.  wrongperson2

You give up your normal routines, you stop going around friends and family. Now given, any relationship requires time together to get to know each other.  I’m talking about things like having to hang up the phone when your partner comes in the room.  You find yourself sneaking to see your family because he or she gets upset every time you leave.  You have to change the way you dress, the way you wear your hair, etc.

Before you can understand what’s going on, you are alone.

You don’t know yourself anymore.  You’re  married, isolated and subject to doing whatever your partner wants, whenever your partner wants in an effort to feel the love and care you were provided in the beginning of the relationship. Once they know you are dependent on them, they often change and begin to take advantage of you.

Look for the warning signs early. The decision to continue or end the relationship is yours.