Is It Love or Lust?

Don’t Mistake ‘It’ For Love

I know you’ve felt it, that funny feeling that hits the gut of your stomach as you meet someone for the first or second time. Is it love?  Is it lust?  What Do I do with this feeling?

These are the questions I get often. Although love at first sight does happen (rarely), chances are you are experiencing ‘lust’ or ‘chemical attraction’.  We all have energy that attracts or distracts the people we meet.  Sometimes, especially in a club or on the dance floor, we lock eyes with someone who has a great intense stare that we feel through our body or see someone on the dance floor who is so smooth that when we dance with them, they melt in our arms or have such a rhythmic swing that we are captivated.  That’s great.  The problem arises when we think this is ‘love’.

Because we ‘think’ it’s love,

we immediately put on the blinders and allow ourselves to be ‘alive in the moment, giving everything and giving it fast.’ We go home and think about the person all night.  We create the personality of the person and sometimes how they will fit in our lives before we even get a chance to know them.  Then we try to ‘make them fit’ into our story.  One of our biggest mistakes!   As we get to know the person, they began to reveal themselves and we are forced to take off the blinders, realizing it was not love and faulting them.  By then, we are in too deep.

My message? Take time to know someone before you give them your heart.

Give them your smile, give them a ‘little bit’ of you at a time and allow them to reveal themselves to you.  If it is love, it will grow.  If it is a ‘good time’ it will show.