What A Difference A Baby Makes

Wow! I remember growing up and seeing older people that were normally grumpy or dormant just light up when there was a baby or young one in the room.  Being in my 20’s, I really couldn’t see the big deal.  I didn’t have any kids, only a lot of cousins, all ages and still could not understand what made people act so silly and giddy when a baby was around.

Then I had a son

He was a beautiful (of course he was beautiful to me!) baby and I loved him but still could not understand the silliness and downright embarrassment that seemed to take over my grandparents and even my parents. I thought they were absolutely ridiculous.  I definitely loved and played with my son but they would act this way with any child.  A relative, a friend’s grandchild, a baby or little child they didn’t know.

Now, my nephew comes over and my heart skips a beat when I know he is at the door. I act silly and play with him endlessly.  I embarrass myself when there is a small or new born baby in the room.  It took me this long to get it – the innocence, the happiness, the unconditional love of a newborn and small child reminds us to take life a little less serious, to smile, to allow ourselves to connect to innocence.

Being around the little ones reminds us to Reclaim The Romance in Life.

It reminds me to once again love the idea of living, enjoying the simple things and to see all the possibilities through the eyes of a child.  Wow!  What a Difference A Baby Makes.