Authentic Expressions

We all want to be authentic – to be our true selves.

Yet, we find ourselves being everything but.  The need to fit in, the need to be recognized as part of a group, tribe or community often keeps us from being our authentic self.

I remember going to a glass shop where they ‘blew the glass’ from sand right in the shop. The best part was knowing that every piece was different although the same design.  Each piece was ‘authentic’.  I stood in awe of how everyone cherished the fact that each piece although the same would have different colorations and discolorations.  How some pieces gleamed and others sparkled.

Why can’t we be like that? Take our initiative to be ‘authentic’.  Make no apology for who we are and how we show up just because it is different from the norm.  What if we were marveled for the things that differentiate us versus the things we hold in common?

One of the things I love to do is go to a restaurant and have my water in a beautiful wine glass. My friends laugh at me, then they marvel at my boldness and then they ask for their water in a wine glass too.  I just like pretty glasses.

I used to get upset with myself because I did not fit in.

Because I could not be a ‘groupie’.  Then, I read a quote:  “Why try to fit in when you were made to be different?!!” – Dr. Seuss!  Who would have thought I would get my great life lesson as an adult from Dr. Seuss?  I don’t try to fit in.  I acknowledge and stand on the fact that I am different and every day I get bolder and braver with my ‘authentic’ self.  What’s holding you back from being your ‘authentic’ self?  Take one step forward.