11 Signs You Picked A “Dud!”

We all want a great guy but sometimes, we pick a ‘dud’.

We’ve all done it. Looking back, the signs were there that  we were in for a not so favorable experience. He looks good, he smells good and he sounds good.  We get lost in the moment and are blind to the signs.  I’ve listed some identifiable signs of a ‘Dud’:

  1. He asks you to pay on the first date and says he ‘believes in women empowerment’
  2. He smokes cigarettes and you see him always asking someone ‘do you have a smoke?’
  3. You want to go to dinner and he says ‘I’d rather a romantic dinner, I’m dying to taste your cooking’
  4. When you met him at the bar – he had the same drink all night and NEVER asked if he could buy you a drink or was curious about what you were drinking.
  5. He is always available to phone you (probably not working)
  6. He doesn’t invite you to his place. You always have to meet at your place.
  7. He meets you at the movies instead of ‘taking you’ to the movies
  8. He is never on a date with just you – it’s you and his friends
  9. He talks about the past…all the time
  10. His favorite words are “I remember when I…” or “I could have been…” or “When I was in school – and he means ‘high school’!”
  11. He wears the same pants all the time with a different shirt

Keep this list in mind. At the very least, you will have an idea of what you are getting before you’re in too deep!